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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Undeniably the Best in Garage Door Installation

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Excellent garage door repair teams

I have called your company many times during these last years. Three times for garage door maintenance and a few times for replacement services! The other day it crossed my mind that I have never called your techs for garage door repair! Isn't that amazing? And do you know why? The service is so thorough that I never had problems with any of the garage door parts. I just had to replace a few because they were old. That says a lot about your teams and I really want to thank all of you for keeping me safe and saving me money.

The tracks were repaired immediately

It was obvious that one section of the garage door tracks wasn't in the right position. Thankfully, I noticed it before I opened the overhead door and preferred to report the problem to the staff of this garage door service provider rather than see my door getting stuck or popping off. What amazed me the most was their immediate response! I explained the situation but I still needed to get the car out and so a tech came by about twenty minutes later. He adjusted the track and made sure all garage door rollers were moving fine. Impressive work!

Aligned the opener sensors immediately

I know the dangers of overhead garage doors but still made the mistake to believe that accidents happen only to other people. I let my children play in the garage when I realized that the garage door opener reverse system wouldn't work. I didn't even bother checking the problem myself. I found the number of Enumclaw Garage Door Repair and asked them to come as soon as possible. One of the sensors was misaligned and most likely by my kids. The technicians took care of the problem at once, checked the reverse mechanism and gave me advice for child protection.

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